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What Is Dynamic Yoga?

Dynamic Yoga Sequence

Benefits Of Dynamic Yoga

Multiple studies have confirmed the many mental and physical benefits of yoga and incorporating it into your routine can help enhance your health. Finding the time to practice yoga just a few times per week may be enough to make a noticeable difference.

Dynamic Yoga has particular cardiovascular emphasis using the body fat as fuel with a focus on balance strength and flexibility. During class, you will work every muscle, tendon, ligament, joint and internal organ in the entire body including your nervous system giving you an incredible sense of wellbeing. This will help with loosing weight and build muscle tone.


Additional benefits include the following:

  • ​Improves athletic performance

  • Builds strength and prevent injuries

  • Improves posture and reduces chronic pain

  • Keeps joints healthy and helps with arthritis

  • A powerful mindfulness practice

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

  • Lowers blood pressure and increases cardio health

  • Increases healthier life choices including diet and reduced drinking

What To Expect From Your Class

I will demonstrate and guide you through the postures giving clear instructions. Focus will be on the basic foundation including safety, breathing, alignment and core muscle awareness to protect the spine.

Depending on the level of the class I will show beginners modification. This could be simply standing on one leg and breathing depending where you are. After correct alignment I will count for 3 breaths so you can deepen into the posture to whatever level you are at. 

We will flow from one posture to another with some time to allow our heart rate to slow between the stronger postures. You will work hard in the class and your heart rate will go up however you can rest at any time and should never push yourself to any discomfort.

Every class will feel different both during and after. Sometimes you will feel ‘in the zone” and time goes quickly  other times you will feel emotional or you will struggle to get through, falling over with loss of focus.


After you may feel blissed out or energised or simply needing to rest. However your class goes you will never regret doing it! One more thing.  Apart from safety we won’t be taking it all  too seriously. Its only Yoga!


Dynamic Yoga is an athletic form of Yoga based on powerful deep breathing often practiced in a hot yoga studio. It is made up of 26 postures and breathing exercises which overlap many styles of yoga including Iyenga and Astanga.  Postures range from breathing, standing to single leg balancing and floor postures, closing with a relaxation and finishing sequence. Postures are selected to not put too much force on the body particularly shoulders, knees and back. They can be modified to suit experience and strength of the practice. Some postures are cardiovascular significantly increasing the heart rate. 

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