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About Me

“You are only as young as your spine”

Ancient yogi saying

Mike Ward Picture

Hi I'm Mike

How I started yoga

After over 35 years practicing transcendental meditation I started practising Dynamic Yoga over 13 years ago to shape up and sort out my chronic back ache (later diagnosed as arthritis from a childhood injury). My stress levels where high as a result of many years in a competitive corporate environment and major changes taking place in my personal life. Initially yoga didn’t come easily. I found it a challenge both physically and mentally however I persevered and trusted the process as every time I left the mat I felt like a new person.

How yoga has changed me

I am really happy that now in my 60s I feel as fit as in my youth, totally pain free with no age-related diseases. I am now totally devoted. Yoga is not optional for me especially if I want to continue my active life style on into my 70s and 80s.

Over more recent years the yoga and meditation practice together with studying the yogic wisdom of self-enquiry and mindfulness has caused  subtle shifts in my perspective on life. Both on and off the mat I am more able to observe and accept thoughts feelings and sensations coming and going and to not get too caught up in them. I feel more grounded and connected with life. I don't worry about the future and I don't dwell on the past - I live more in the moment. Things that may previously have bothered me don’t so much now.

My approach to teaching

I completed my training with Dynamic Hot Yoga in Brighton (Yoga Alliance 200 RYT) initially to deepen my own practice and I have since enjoyed sharing this amazing practice.

I love sharing this beautiful practice that has been passed down from generations. My aim is to help develop your own self practice and help you  tune into yourself, in order to cultivate greater awareness on and off the mat. I teach a strong practice that is set at a mindful pace to connect to the breath. My intention is for you to leave feeling uplifted, grounded and more present.

There are so many styles of yoga and teachers to choose from. To help I have described your class on this website including the postures so that you know what you will get. With Dynamic Yoga the attraction to me was its simplicity and the fact that I could pick it up quickly and see the benefits. I have since used this as a basis and now incorporate other styles of yoga such as Astanga, Yin and Vinyasa Flow into my personal practice. 

Please call me if you need any more information or just some general advice. I hope this helps and maybe we will meet some day.


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