If you’re feeling stiff or sore yoga is the perfect way to relieve tight or strained muscles. My classes are tailored for different needs and in-class asanas/positions include options for you to discover and progress your range of motion in a safe way.

If you fancy booking me for a private class with you, a group of friends or your sports team, let me know what your needs are and I will design a class just for you!

How do I book a class?

Please reserve you place on the booking system by following the link below.


This class is ideal for people who have little or no experience of practicing yoga. It takes you through the foundations each yoga pose and helps you build strength, balance and flexibility.



Alignment, breath, flow and focus. This class is revitalising and cleansing. We connect with our bodies and our breath in a sequence of postures which bring fire into your body and unlock blocked energy centres. The continual flowing movements of vinyasa help stretch and elongate your muscles while they are being strengthened, allowing you greater flexibility and range of motion.


This class is ideal for people who have high stress lives and suffer from back pain or those who just seek to enjoy some deep relaxation. It's about slowing down and opening the body through passive stretching. During these long holds, your muscles relax deeply. It's a completely different feeling from other types of yoga classes since props are used to support your body instead of your muscles. 


As we grow older we tend to breathe less fully - some people only use one third of their lung capacity. In this class you can open up your posture and your respiratory muscles which stimulates respiratory efficiency. It will take you through a sequence of exercises which release the joints and bring increased flexibility.

Yin Yang Yoga

A dynamic and moderately paced sequence followed by restorative and grounding poses to calm your body and mind as the evening winds down. This class is for students of all levels and appropriate for beginners. 



THE CLASSES ARE HELD IN a bespoke yoga studio in the southside of Glasgow

Studio 70

70 Victoria Road, G42 7AA



Wear loose or comfortable stretchy clothing, bring a bottle of water and arrive 5 minutes early to get settled before the class starts. Bring your own mat if you have one, otherwise I keep a supply for students.